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What is your industrial brand?

When customers and prospects come across your brand, what do they think? What do they understand about who you are, what you do, where you operate and who you help?

If you want to stand out, you need to create a memorable brand that gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive industrial markets.

Highway 9 Consulting

The industrial branding specialists

Highway 9 crafts strong, memorable brands for industrial firms. But unlike traditional branding agencies, we are also a HubSpot Partner Agency. We offer the full range of outbound and inbound marketing services that firms need to communicate their brands and differentiate their offerings.

We come to the industrial branding space with deep expertise in creating, communicating and managing brands for industrial firms. Unlike traditional HubSpot Partner Agencies, Highway 9 has decades of specialized domain expertise in industrial technologies. This means we know how to create brands that engineers and scientists understand. 

Our experience selling and marketing industrial products and services covers almost three decades and 40 countries. We use this expertise to help you carve out a distinct identity in your marketplace.

Create a unique brand

Highway 9 offers a variety of services that help you position your industrial brand

6Icons_Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy


We examine your business model and process to make sure your identity aligns with your goals and customer demands.

6Icons_Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis


We help you stand out by understanding who you stand against. We uncover your key differentiators—and areas of opportunity.

6Icons_Brand Messaging

Brand Messaging


We craft a unique slogan, mission statement, value proposition and story to capture the essence of your brand.

6Icons_Brand Identity

Brand Identity


Part of a strong brand is a strong visual identity. We create logos, wordmarks and product and service names that stand out in your marketplace.

Grow your brand, grow your business

A strong, well-known brand enhances your credibility with customers, partners, suppliers and your industry.

6Icons_Customer Recognition

Customer Recognition


When you have a strong industrial brand, prospects and customers alike recognize you—and prefer you.

6Icons_Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge


Your brand differentiates you in the marketplace, lending a competitive edge to your company.

6Icons_Innovation Advantage

Innovation Advantage


Launching new products and services is easier and less expensive when you already have a strong brand and loyal customers.

6Icons_Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty


Customers are attracted to, and stay loyal to brands they trust and have an emotional connection with.

6Icons_Enhanced Credibility

Enhanced Credibility


A strong, well-known brand enhances your credibility with customers, partners, suppliers and your industry.

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