Create and publish content that attracts today’s B2B industrial buyers


Today’s industrial buyer has changed. Have you?

Today’s industrial buyers are almost two thirds through the buying process before they talk to anyone in sales. 

They don’t respond well to cold calling. Or email blasts. Or print advertising. Instead, today’s B2B industrial buyers want to find answers on their own. The way to attract them is with inbound marketing and content that is optimized for search.

When you create and publish helpful, educational content, you help your prospects understand their problems and find the answers they are looking for. When they are ready to talk to a service provider, they are more likely to call you.

Highway 9 Consulting

The industrial inbound marketing specialists

Highway 9 helps industrial B2B marketers increase brand awareness and attract and nurture leads with inbound marketing. We’re a HubSpot Partner Agency that offers digital marketing and lead generation services to oil & gas firms and other industrial companies in Texas and beyond. 

This means we create content that B2B industrial sales reps happily forward to potential clients. Content that answers questions, solves problems and moves buyers along their journey towards a conversation with someone in sales.

Unlike traditional HubSpot Partner Agencies, Highway 9 has decades of specialized domain expertise in industrial technologies. This means we know how to create blog posts, white papers, case studies, technical papers and other inbound assets that engineers and scientists understand. 

Our experience selling and marketing industrial products and services covers almost three decades and 40 countries. We use this expertise to help you attract, engage and nurture industrial buyers.

Our industrial inbound marketing services

From strategy to execution to measurement, we create content that attracts and converts industrial buyers

4Icons_Content Strategy

Content Strategy


Perform SEO keyword research so that you create content that gives your buyers what they are searching for.

4Icons_Content Calendars

Content Calendars


Plan what to create, what to say and how to distribute your content throughout the year.

4Icons_Buyer Personas

Buyer Personas


Create semi-fictional representations of your ideal customers based on market research and insights about your existing customers.

4Icons_Buyer Journeys

Buyer Journeys


Attract, engage and nurture more leads, more effectively, by understanding the journey they take between awareness and making a purchase.

4Icons_Content Creation

Content Creation


Write, design and produce blog posts, infographics, e-books, guides, case studies and white papers to help you generate leads.




Measure the effectiveness of your industrial inbound marketing campaigns with HubSpot’s Analytics toolset.

Attract. Convert. Engage.

Highway 9 helps you benefit from industrial inbound marketing.

4Icons_Generate Traffic

Generate Traffic


Drive traffic to your website with targeted content.

4Icons_Generate Leads

Generate Leads


Convert visitors to leads with compelling offers and calls to action.

4Icons_Increase Trust

Increase Trust


Engage your buyers on their terms with thought leadership.

4Icons_Educate Buyers

Educate Buyers


Help buyers research your solution with in-depth, helpful content.

4Icons_Increase Brand Awareness

Increase Brand Awareness


Publish content that potential buyers share with their networks.




Differentiate your firm among commodity vendors and reduce commoditization of your products and services.

4Icons_Get Found

Get Found


Publish search-engine-optimized content that search engines (and buyers) love.

4Icons_Leverage Digital

Leverage Digital


Increase your use of digital channels, including social, paid advertising, organic search and video.

4Icons_Shine Online

Shine Online


Professionalize your digital presence with content assets that position you as a though leader and authority.

4Icons_Meet Buyers Where They Are

Meet Buyers Where They Are


Create and publish content for all stages of your buyer’s journey.

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